Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Needs a Refrigerator Anyway?

What a morning!

I got woken up about 20 minutes before my alarm clock was set to go off (don't you hate that?), by a nervous Zach.  He had just gotten his breakfast ready for the morning, and noticed that everything in the fridge wasn't cold.  Well, it was cooler than room temperature....but, certainly not refrigerator cold.

I went into the kitchen and stood there with the refrigerator door open, and I turned down the temperature and we waited a couple of minutes for it to kick on, but it never did.  So, we knew it wasn't just a door that was left open, etc.  The fridge is broken.

Anyway, we are trying to get someone out to fix/replace it today....but, I haven't heard back from the apartment complex.

It is days like this, though, that I am glad we are currently renting.  Because the idea of having to replace several hundred dollars worth of food AND a refrigerator just eeks me out.  Having to part with that much money gives me a panic attack.

I am cheap.  Well, I am cheap on everything other than my kids....they have far too much, but I go through buyers remorse when I purchase a $15 bra for myself.  I just think the money could be better spent.  Is anyone with me?

Now, if only our new refrigerator (if we need one)...could look like this, I would be happy.  :)

Courtesy of Google Images
While we are on the subject of apartments, there is one big thing I won't miss once we move into a house (well, I hope it won't be an issue at whatever house we decide to purchase):  I have to leave a window open near the thermostat in order to keep my kids room warm.  Their room is SO drafty, it is ridiculous.  We have tried everything, and this is the only effective idea (that I am comfortable with....I just can not leave a space heater on in their room when I am not in there, or over-night).


  1. My refrigerator looks exactly like that. It's heavenly.

  2. our fridge/freezer went out awhile ago. that was NOT a good day! all my breastmilk was garbage along with tons of food.

  3. I'm with you on the bra thing. Why spend that much on something I hate wearing? Esp when I'm home the girls are just hanging around. Sorry, tmi! lol. That is one super shiny fridge and I'm crossing things that you get that exact one!

  4. oh apartment living, isn't it grand? :) I can't wait for a house with a fenced in back yard that my kids can enjoy!

    I have a hard time spending money too! I bought a swimsuit on clearance today and am totally suffering buyer's remorse!

  5. fridge..that is rough! Hope you werent without it too long! We moved in our new house in late Sept, and STILL dont have a fridge in the kitchen! We didnt have one at all for 2 weeks, and that was crazy! Now its in the garage, so at least we have one. Now that our new floors are in we can move it in, and I cant wait. Its funny how a fridge is one of those things we take for granted till it goes out. :)


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