Friday, November 12, 2010

The Battle of the Cakes

This morning I ordered the cakes for my kids birthday party (which is the 20th), and it has turned into a nightmare!

I placed my order, and everything was perfect (well, except for the price....I think $100 for 2 cakes is excessive.  But, I digress.), I order one Mickey and one Minnie Mouse in chocolate and the other white.

About 10 minutes later I get a call.  The woman said they could not put Minnie and Mickey on the cakes because it was a copyright violation.  They said they had purchased an image with both Minnie and Mickey on it, but I am sorry....that is not what I wanted.

Even though my children practically share a birthday, I want them to know that it is their special day.  So, individual cakes are a must (in my opinion), and the idea of having the same image on both cakes ...well, to tell you the truth, angered me.  I don't understand why this is such an issue.

Anyway, I proceeded to ask how much it would cost me to purchase the rights to the images I needed, for the company, and they essentially told me that was not an option.  WHAT?!?!  They did say I was welcome to bring in an edible image of my choice and they would be happy to place it on the cake (essentially wiping their hands of the entire situation).  Do they honestly expect me to purchase a new printer that will be able to print out these images?  If that is what they are expecting, I can just make my own damn cake.  I did look up the price of one of these printers, and in case you are wondering they cost $400 (that's the cheapest I have found).

After I was told I couldn't purchase the rights to an image, I asked if I could take a photo of one of my kids toys and use that for the image.  The woman I talked to seemed to think this was a good idea, but she wanted to double check.  When she came back to the line, the answer was no.  Umm...really?  I can't image Disney suing me for using an image I took....after I had already purchased the item included in the photograph.

But, this lead me to question copy-right law.  What are Disney's copy-right laws?  Would we really be in violation?  I have left a message with Disney's legal department and have sent an e-mail to their piracy department, and I am hoping for an answer soon.

At this point, I am not sure this bakery wants to work with me....and it is probably because I asked them if they required proof that the images they are printing on cakes are copy-right free....or if in fact the person/item in the image can be reproduced (i.e do they have proof that the child in the picture really "belongs" to the purchaser?  Yes, I said, I am not happy about it.  Like I said, I am angry.).

Hmm.....should Baby Gap know that my child is wearing one of their outfits today?  You know, just in case I snap a photo?

Seriously.  I am annoyed.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  Am I making a big deal out of nothing?  I only want my children's birthday to be perfect, as I am sure each and everyone of you would too.

edited to add:  I just called the company and asked if they had a Sid the Scientist image, and they said  no....but, I could bring one in to put on the cake.  Apparently, that wouldn't be a copy-right violation?  Tell me that makes sense to everyone else, but me!


  1. What bakery are you using? Can you try another one? That's just insane!

  2. Try Sam's Club. They have a ton of options - we've had just the piped flowers, but we've also had Disney Princesses, Spider Man, Dora and Diego. Roughly $25 per 1/2 sheet cake. And their cake is yummy too.

    With twins, I always get separate cakes or sets of cup cakes too. Who wants to share their entire birthdaywith a sibling anyway?

    Hope this whole thing turns out!

  3. I would call another store. I mean they do princess cakes. $50 seams like alot of money for one cake

  4. What ever came out of this?


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