Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change in Scenery Part 2

A "change in scenery" for our family isn't happening.  And I am not happy about it.

And not just for the "change in scenery", but also for a greater opportunity for my husband.

Z loves working for (removed, so they can't google it), however he is starting to feel undervalued by the company.

During a recent conversation with his boss, he found out that he is underpaid by almost $3 an hour.  That's a LOT!  Considering we only bring in $14/hour, that is HUGE!  He can't wrap his head around it.

He is a top performer, gets a 98-99% with customer satisfaction, customers call and request him for service (even has far as 5 hours away), and he has never caused any trouble for his boss.  In fact, his boss hasn't even been to visit him ONCE since he started working.  Visits from his boss are suppost to be monthly.  Guess what?  He has been with the company for 2.5 years!  He is ranked at a "higher than required" tech level, and has gone through extra training in hopes of a promotion....and you know how they are rewarding him?

They are hiring two more people to work in the area he is covering.  When both "new" technicians are in place Z would get an average of 1 ticket per week in his "new area".  Makes sense, doesn't it.  Hire 3 people to cover an area which he is supporting just fine.  I get it, they are looking to expand the customer base in the area.  But, come on!  Isn't this like counting the chickens before they are hatched?

Anyway, I am annoyed....and disappointed we will be staying in this little apartment for the time being.  I was so excited at the possibility of 3 bedrooms.  :(  There are no apartments in our hometown who offer 3 bedrooms.  It is kind of annoying.  Lol.

I have agreed to taking on another child-care kiddos (which I am excited about because she seems like a little sweetie!), so that will bring in a little additional money.  I can't wait for this limbo in our lives to be over.  :)

Thanks for listening!


  1. ah, so sorry it didn't work out. That is CRAZY that there are no 3 bedroom apartments around. We did the 2 bedroom thing for quite a while, only within the last year have our kids been able to have their own rooms. So I know how it is being tight on space. And money. Sorry they are underpaying him, can he find a competitor to say he'd get paid better elsewhere, and use that as some leverage? Splitting his job with others is just lame. That happened to my husband once too. It stunk to feel so undervalued like that. I hope things look up soon!

  2. That is really disappointing. I'm sorry, friend. Will Z request the increase in salary?

    You know, I've found that when something I've wanted so badly doesn't work out, it's because God has something better planned for me. I never see it in the thick of it, but looking back on it, it's always that way.

    It doesn't help you now, I know. Disappointment is hard and is sucks.

    Big hugs to you, sweet girl.

  3. Wow! I could be writing this myself. My hubby works for company x, that is pretty much doing the very same thing to him, not to mention I would love love to have a 3 bedroom, we live in a 2 bedroom right now, but we're running outa room!


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