Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exploding Vocabulary

My Jackers is a man of few words...well, until the last couple of days that is.

His vocabulary is EXPLODING!. About a week ago he could only say: dad, go, yeah...and that's about it.

But, now....he can say:

kitty cat (cat itty)
grandpa (and pa)
Makenna (k na)
sissy (issy)
cracker (ca kak er)
cow (k ah oow)

And, that's all I can think of for now.

Still waiting on Mama. Maybe he is holding out for Mother's Day?

A Mama can only hope!

His comprehension is fabulous. He almost always knows what I am talking about. :) Which makes life so much easier.

Now, if only I had a cure for the whining. And the little temper tantrums, where he is kicking a screaming on the floor.

He is a perfect angel in public, but once you get him in his own environment WATCH OUT! :)

I love you my Jackers!

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