Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugh, life!

Why does following the rules have to be so difficult?

In this particular instance, I am talking about finances.

Why, when my family and I are trying to follow the rules, are we punished?

We get fees upon fees, phone calls...etc. etc. etc. We are doing our best people, and would love to work out some agreement with you.

Just this morning I offered a credit card company a guaranteed $100 a month (and probably more) if they would be willing to stop giving us over-limit fees, etc....and they said no.

I asked him whether they would like to get the amount that I am offering or nothing at all (threatening bankruptcy)....and guess what they said? They would rather us file bankruptcy than work with us.

There has to be something wrong with that.

I am very much of the mentality, "I will teach you to fish, rather than feed you a meal"....so, bankruptcy isn't something I would ultimately want to do....but, at this point I am ready to give up.

Why is bankruptcy so easy (and a very appealing option, lol....who wouldn't want to get rid of there debt)? I feel as if we are being punished (but not really because it is our debt) for trying to fulfill our agreements.

Ugh, life!

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