Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Blessings Bible

This is my son's favorite book, we read it multiple times a day (per his request!). He loves the bright colors, the way I "sing" the words, and when his Daddy reads it to him (he does all the good voices).

So anyway, because it is Jacker's favorite....I thought I would share it with you. Happy Reading!

God Made Everything!

God made light and day and night,
He made the land and seas,
Flowers, trees, and things to eat,
Birds and bumblebees.

God made fish and elephants,
Cats and doggies, too.
Do you know what else God made?
God made ME and YOU!

Noah and the Big Ark

Noah was a good man.
God told him what to do-
"Build an ark and fill it up
With animals two by two."

For forty days and forty nights
Rain poured from the sky,
But Noah and the animals
Were safe and warm and dry.

A Baby Is Saved!

A mother made a basket bed
To hide her little child.
She tucked him in, said a prayer,
And placed him in the Nile.

A princess by the river
Clapped her hands with joy,
For she had found the basket
That held the baby boy.

David the Shepherd Boy

As David watched his father's sheep,
He wrote sweet songs of praise.
He sang, "The Lord's my shepherd;
He is with me all my days."

David bravely fought a bear.
He fought a giant, too.
When he grew up, he was a king
And knew just what to do.

Daniel and the Lions

The king threw Daniel in the den,
But Daniel felt no fear.
Though the lions snarled at him,
He knew that God was near.

"Keep me safe, God," Daniel prayed,
And in the morning light,
The king saw God had shut those jaws
To keep Daniel safe all night.

Where's Jonah?

Jonah didn't want to go
Where God had told him to.
god sent a fish to swallow him
To show him what to do.

The fish swam to the seashore
And coughed Jonah on the sand.
Then Jonah prayed, thanked God, and said,
"I'll follow God's command!"

Jesus Is Born!

An angel said to Mary,
"You are God's chosen one.
Soon you'll have a baby-
God's one and only Son."

In Bethlehem one starry night
The little child was born.
And angels sang their praise to God
On that first Christmas morn.

A Little Man Who Climbed a Tree

Be careful now, Zacchaeus,
So the branch you're on won't bend.
Oh, look! Who's there? It's Jesus,
And he wants to be your friend!

Listen now, Zacchaeus,
To what Jesus has to say.
He'll tell you how to live for God
And follow in his way.

Jesus Calms a Storm

Up and down the boat rocked
On the wavy, stormy sea.
Jesus' friends out on the boat
Were scared as they could be.

"Peace, be still," Jesus said.
He calmed the winds and sea.
Then Jesus told his frightened friends,
"You can have faith in me!"

Jesus Is Risen!

When Jesus died, his followers
Felt sad and all alone.
They placed his body in a tomb
And closed it with a stone.

On Sunday several women came;
The stone was rolled away!
"He is risen," the angel said,
On that first Easter Day!

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