Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hubs Is Sick

Why is it when our husbands are sick they are bigger babies than the little ones crawling around on the floor? Lol. Poor guy has a (probably....although, I am no doctor) sinus infection, and the beginnings of a cough from all the drainage. Yippee. Just what we needed!

We finally get Jackers back on his "regular" schedule, and now Daddy is sick. I hate winter....just because of all the sickness. I can live with the cold, but I hate to see the people I love getting sick.

So far, I have avoided it....however, I do have the beginnings of a sore throat. I really hope I can suppress it, sickness is all mind over matter, right? ;o)

Is everyone at your house feeling well? Any types for getting rid of this stuff going around my house??? (Yesterday we opened up all the windows, and disinfected all the hard surfaces....don't worry we left the house while the windows were open.)

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