Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dear Facebook,

I love you!

I spend time with you SEVERAL times a day, and can not imagine my life without you. I am so addicted to my wall, and get excited to check my e-mail....just so I can see if someone has responded to a status or a comment I left.

Don't tell my husband, but the main reason I am getting a Blackberry in a few days is because of you. I NEED to be able to check you all the time....I mean really, can the world go without me posting something every hour on the hour?

Facebook, you are my world! After my kids of course, and on some occasions my husband ;o).


P.S. - If you share my facebook addiction feel free to add me as a friend! Just click here to access my profile. Just make sure to include something about this blog, so I know who you are ;o).

P.P.S. - If you love the adorable little facebook picture at the top of this post, click here.

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