Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unexpected Break

Okay everyone, I am very sorry! I had every intention of blogging throughout the week, but just never got around to it. My son is still dealing with, now we are on breathing treatments (3x per day). I feel horrible for him and his little cough :(

Then, the little girl that I baby-sit ended up getting a sinus infection on Tuesday....and then went to the hospital on Wednesday for dehydration (she was vomiting because of the post-nasal drip). Poor sick little girl. She is starting to get better and should be back to her regular child-care schedule next week.

And finally, I had a doctor appointment for Madelyn this afternoon. She looks perfect! 150 bpm and is measuring right at 33 weeks (just slightly ahead).

Enough of the excuses :) I am going to answer some of your wonderful comments from throughout the week. Thank you so much for your great input, and I want you to know that I truly appreciate it. Even though it may take me a little bit of time to get back to your questions/suggestions.

"HI again!

Can you buy your diapers at either Sam's Club or Costco (or similar)? Our Sam's Club has a case of diapers for about $26 - more diapers (almost doudble!) than you can buy in a big box at Target and cheaper too. Cheapest cost per diaper that I could find!

We had two in diapers for a long time (I left a comment under your menu plan for last week with some details) and I found that it was worth buying them there instead!

Have a great week!


Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your thoughtful posts. The amount listed is purchasing my Pampers from Sam's Club....these diapers will probably last me 2 months. Based on my calculations Sam's Club diapers are $.22 per diaper (Sam's Club is the cheapest, per diaper, that I can find....unless I have a really great coupon), and the Target Up! Brand diapers are at $.18 per diaper. So, I will stick with Up! for during the day use, and Pampers for night time.

Thanks again for your great comment....I hope that I answered all your questions/suggestions.

"Check out - I saw coupons for biscuits (Pillsbury) as well as cream of chicken soup and canned corn. I'm not sure where you live or how far you are from a Sams/Costco but you might want to check those stores for prices. I'm thinking they might have lower prices for things you buy in bulk like the cream of chicken. You might also want to go to the websites of brands you use to see if they have coupons. Have fun shopping.



I check out regularly. However, it is cheaper to just purchase the newspaper. They are virtually the same (at least in my area) and I don't have to pay for the ink. Which is a huge money saver!

Thanks to your suggestion I did check out Sam's Club for purchasing soup, etc in bulk. However, it is still cheaper for me to purchase these items at Aldi's. It was a difference of about $.10 per can. So, Aldi's is definitely the way to go for me.

For the most part, I try not to be brand specific....however there are a few items that I only buy a specific brand. For those items visiting their web-site is a fantastic idea. Thanks!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions!!

"For your diapers can't you just buy one brand? I buy Luvs for my 2 yr old but she is only using them at night. They are also the only brand that makes a size six that I know of. But my 3 month old I buy what ever I can thats on sale. I dont really like Huggies but I get their home mailer and it has high dollar coupons. Since they have been on sale a lot lately thats what I have been getting. Sometimes CVS has a good deal on their brand of diapers.

If you have a membership at Sams or costco go through and see if you can get the bulk of your items there cheaper, calculate the weight verses the grocery store that you go to and see who has the better price.

Also do you go shopping every two weeks? If so maybe try taking your cash and split it up and go once a week so then you can look at the sales and plan your meals along with what is on sale. Hope this helps, If you need anything leave a comment. Have a great day!"


Yes, I could purchase only one brand of diaper...however I would not be saving any money. The Up! Brand diapers are about $.04 cheaper per diaper than the Pampers that I use for night-time. (I have tried EVERY brand of diapers....and Pampers are the only one's that work through the night.)

The almost $40 for Pampers was purchasing them in bulk at Sam's Club (we do not have a Costco). This brings the total per diaper to $.22 which is the cheapest that I can find, unless they have double coupons that week or something.

Shopping each week is a good idea, however I am not sure how realistic it is right now. My husband works a LOT of crazy hours. And I sometimes don't get the opportunity to go shopping when I need to. I try not to take my little one to stores (nervous about flu/ it is difficult to shop with a 10 month old), so Daddy needs to be around to watch the Jackers.

Thanks again for your great comment! I really appreciate your comment!

$40 for a box of pampers... I hope this is a super duper mega box at Babies R Us or something... that seems like such a high number. Check out the blog and click on the "Top Diaper and Formula Deals." She posts every sunday where the best prices are and how good they are so that you know when and where to stock up. =)


Thanks for the great comment. I remember you suggestions before, however I couldn't find any diapers cheaper than the one's that I purchase at Sam's Club. They are about $.22 per diaper.

Yes, the $40 box of diapers is 174 diapers (Size 4), this means that I won't have to purchase Pampers again for at least another two months. Yea!

Thanks again for your comment.

"Lindsey said...

Hey Jenn! I found this link for you for the biscuits!
They're Pillsbury brand and I've seen a lot of stores have these for around $1! The coupon is for $1 off so you can get a couple cans free! *Use more than one computer if you have access!*
This is for Campbells cream soups $1/2.

Domino Sugar 2lb. or larger $0.35/1 08/30/2009 RP (Get 2 or 3 of these and buy the 2lb bags. Might be cheaper.)

These are just a few I found for you. My mom got a Target mailer today with baby coupons *pampers were in there, luvs and huggies too. Stack them with manu qs to get those diapers cheaper.* I think you'll have a good week! I've got faith in you!!! You're gonna get under $100!"


Thanks so much for the links to coupons! I really appreciate it!

Where have you seen biscuits for a $1.00? The cheapest that I am able to find them is $1.19 at Aldi's....the next is Wal-Mart brand at $1.24. Maybe it is just the price difference per area in the country. Sigh. :)

How does your Mom get a Target mailer? Lol, I would love to get that. I go to Target ALL THE TIME. It is kind of an addiction. Lol. I love that store. My bank account balance doesn't like it, but I do.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am definitely going to get under the $100. Praying that it will be this week, :)


  1. I hope both your son and the little girl you sit for are feeling better soon. You have definetly done your research on the diapers, when my kiddos were still using diapers I was totally brand addicted and realize now we could have saved a ton of money if I just shopped around, ah well. I've heard Aldi is a great place to shop, really low prices - just wish there was one in my area. I was addicted to Target as well but have cut back to a once a month trip vs weekly trip. My hubby liked to joke that Target was the debt of us and he should just sign his paycheck over to them. :-) Leene

  2. I live in South Louisiana... so it's probably a regional thing with the biscuits! But 19 cents is great!

    I'd love to know how my mom got it too! I had a registry there for my son and I still get NOTHING. She still passes it on to me as her baby is 8! She got some good ones too *one was $5 off $25 baby stuff. I'm SO excited to get some great stuff soon! There's also a $1 off UP products. I've got a pampers one too I won't be using. You could always stack it and see if its cheaper than the Sam's price. Email me if you'd like me to mail it to you.


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