Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Order of Importance

I have talked before of how we are currently a little behind in our monthly payments. You can find out more information on this "tragic story" (not really tragic, just poor choices) by reading previous posts.

To hold myself accountable I am going to post our bills on this post. (Obviously withholding any person information....but, the totals will be there and you can get an idea of our current situation.)

Each time we get paid my husband and I order our bills according to importance, and this is how we pay our bills every two weeks. Taking whatever available money from our check and begin working our way down our list of bills.

Here are our current list of bills, in order of importance. Most of these bills are not past due, in case you are thinking that I am only posting bills that are in collection, etc. There are only three which are past due.

Bill Amount Due
Bill #1 $5.00
Bill #2 $13.06
Bill #3 $31.88
Bill #4 $69.99
Bill #5 $132.68
Bill #6 $15.00
Bill #7 $20.00
Bill #8 $33.34
Bill #9 $337.00
Bill #10 $55.03
Bill #11 $29.04

How do you organize your bills?

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  1. is going to look like I've been sitting at the computer all afternoon....

    This is something I am REALLy badhhmm this about. I use to have a page that listed all or monthly bills, I had 4 months worth on each page and columns for how much due, how much pd, date due, date pd. I ran out a hwile ago and haven't made a new one since we got this computer. Now I just kind of remember and try to pay on time- it's awful I have probably only missed something 2-4x usually my water bill (luckily my neighbor is my tiny towns water guy so didn't shut us off..). hOPEFULLY now that we will both be getting regular paychecks I can maybe have certain dates (after we get pd.) that I pay bills. Before as a student my husband only got pd 1x a month so that made it hard, hopefully i'll do better at this soon!


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