Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Poor Baby

Poor baby isn't feeling very well today. He wouldn't eat his cereal last night and he would cry all day today if I wasn't holding him. I called the doctor, and they told me to bring him in just in case it was an ear infection. So....we bundled up and headed to the doctor's office only to find out there is nothing seriously wrong with the poor boy. He just has a slight cold, but the doctor said that it is nothing to worry about. I hope he feels better soon! I miss my happy little boy.


  1. I think he just misses his Grandpa!

  2. You are probably right old man. He will just have to get a grandpa fix sometime soon! You guys can come over for dinner when ever you want, maybe Friday when Mom won't be home (or at least won't be home most of the day).


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