Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Home Improvement

Hi Robert.  I am sorry, this is probably not a traditional way to receive the purchase information.  But, I figured this would be the best way to organize all my thoughts. :)

Let's start off with the counter-tops.  My husband and I really loved these counter-tops, and we would like to go ahead with these.  I know they are not exactly the counter-tops (price wise) you quoted.  However, I figured the difference could be used to add the sink or the exhaust fan in the basement bathroom.

6 ft. Fushion Granite Counter-top
Menard® SKU: 4852321
Model Number: 6_Feet_Ctop_Fusion_Granite

I already called Menard's, and they do have (it is special order) the counter-tops that would work for the bar stool area.  Worst case scenario for the counter-tops (and correct me if I am wrong) will be $418.42.  This total comes with 3-12 ft. sections, one of which is the 3 ft. deep section for the bar stool area.  

I am not sure the dollar amounts you have in mind for each of the purchases.  Let me know if any of my items are too much, and I will rework the number (my concern lies in the bathroom).

Because we are saving so much on the counter-tops, there should be enough room in the budget for this apron front sink, also from Menards. If not, let me know.  Again, it might be easier to have a break down of the numbers you were thinking.  This apron front sink is $299.99.

Variation: white
Dimensions: 34" x 23" x 10"
Model Number: KS01AP-3.5

We would like to stick with the existing faucet.  It was recently replaced, and we really like the style and color.

Based on these numbers, I am getting a total of $718.41 (+tax) for the kitchen (the $718.41 includes counter-tops AND sink).  Which leaves $646.59 for labor (counter-top removal, install, pumping rework, cutting counter-tops to size).  How much would be required for labor, what is left-over?  If any?  My husband will be willing to help with destruction of existing counter-top, installation, or anything else you can put him to work doing while working on our home, to keep the cost lower.  We are looking for enough specifically to cover the exhaust fan in the bathroom.  We do not have funds to be much over-budget, so if any issues arise we will have to change up another area to make up the difference.

This is the glass door for the basement shower.  We are open to another door, I just have not found one cheaper, but I am sure you know better than I.  Below are the links and information for the shower itself.  This shower door is listed at $608.57.

Variation: Brushed nickel
Dimensions: 77.5"H x 42"W x 42"L
Model Number: 403410

Shower surround, corner.  This piece is listed at $295.71.

Variation: White
Dimensions: 72.32"H x 42"W x 42"L

Shower bottom, corner.  This is listed at $161.43.

Variation: White
Dimensions: 5.5"H x 42"W x 42"L

If you have any questions, let me know!  :)  I hope this answered any questions as to what we are looking for.  Again, let me know the break down on cost so I have a better idea.  Or if this simply works, that is totally fine with me.  Talk to you soon!

Edited to add:  Since our chat this morning, I searched for a more affordable shower option.  And I really like these 2.  Depending on which one better fits in the budget, is the one we will choose.

Variation: Brushed nickel
Dimensions: 75.625"H x 38"W x 38"L

This kit includes the door, surround, and base for $694.29.

This would be our least expensive option, I really like the doors on this....but I am a little concerned with the 36 in. size.  What is a standard shower stall?

This unit also includes door, surround, and base for $398 (on sale until 8/21/2011).

Variation: Chrome finish - Center Blur glass
Dimensions: W: 36" D: 36" H: 72"
Model Number: 105672-000-129-101

Thanks again!  :)

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